Chuck Berry - A St. Louis Original
by Charles H. Keller
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Johnny B. Goode, Maybelline and dozens of other classic rock-n-roll hits have made Chuck Berry an icon of the music business for over 50 years.

His dynamic style and unique voice have given us dozens of hits during his career. When the radio is blasting one of his many songs, it is instantly apparent who is singing. That's why this St. Louis original has been on top of the music business for over five decades and that is why his music will survive and thrill audiences for decades to come.

The June, 2008 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine listed the top 100 rock-n-roll songs of all time. Topping that list, no, not a Beatle hit, no, not an Elvis song... Number ONE on the list: Johnny B. Goode released in 1958 by Chuck Berry.

Some of the greatest rock-n-roll icons of all time admired and imitated Chuck. The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Beach Boys and even Elvis Presley looked to Chuck Berry for inspiration and entertainment. Each of those had their own style, their own niche in the history of Rock-N-Roll and Chuck Berry is no exception.

Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986, Chuck Berry will always have a place in the history of America's music and a special place in the hearts of all who have listened to and danced to his music.

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Chuck Berry performs one Wednesday each month at the "Blueberry Hill" Restaurant and Bar which is located at 6504 Delmar in The Loop, St. Louis, MO 63130 - (314) 727-4444. Tickets can be purchased online at Chuck Berry's website.

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