Lewis & Clark Historic Site
An Article by Charles H. Keller
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Located just south of Alton on Route 3 in Illinois, is the "Lewis & Clark State Historic Site".

Take a walk through history as you explore this amazing exhibit of life on the Mississippi when St. Louis was just the beginning of the western frontier.

Admission is FREE! Take the kids through the reproduction of the original fort which existed nearly two centuries ago.

Imagine being there that cold winter of 1803 as brave adventurers readied themselves for their trek westward. Feel the excitement they must have experienced as they trained, gathered the necessary equipment and supplies and lived the harsh existence which prepared them for the unknown hazards they might face in the coming years in the wilderness.

Let the kids know that the mighty Mississippi and Missouri rivers are basically the same today as they were then. Help them feel the history as they leave the boat this summer and walk the same shores that these explorers walked.

As your family experiences the wonder of the exhibits displayed, watch the excited faces and listen to the sound of learning in their happy voices. Hands-on educational tools will fill them with wonder as they try to arrange the cargo in a model of the boats actually used for the exploration. A full sized reproduction of one of the vessels used by Lewis & Clark is here to demonstrate the courage it must have taken to embark on such a journey.

Just a few miles from the mouth of the River Dubois, the original point of departure for Lewis & Clark, this adventure awaits you and your family.

Take an afternoon to step back in time. It will be an experience your family won't soon forget. And while you're in the neighborhood, check out some of the other historic sites nearby in Alton including statues of Lincoln and Douglas at the site of their final debate or the bronze of the world's tallest man, Robert Wadlow.