"Patriots in the Park" Car Show
by Charles H. Keller
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It was a hot, summer day when the annual "Patriots in the Park" Car Show was held July 6th in Granite City, Illinois. "Best in Show" honors went to Ron York for his impeccably restored 1939 Ford convertible. Powered by a Corvette engine and aided by a magnificent interior by Jerry "Stitch" Klitch, the car took top honors in a very competitive field of entrants.

To the right are some pictures of other participants. For a complete list of winners click here.

Every 4th of July weekend an event draws large crowds just a few miles east of St. Louis. There were old, new and "everything-in-between" vehicles featured at the car show in Granite City's park on Sunday, July 6th.

Walking along the rows of antique and wonderfully restored vehicles, memories flooded into my mind of days gone by and of the fun we had cruising as teenagers. Automobiles have always played an important part in the lives of Americans. Each person has their own precious recollections of the family trip in that old station wagon or the hot rod built in the back yard or just cruising along with the top down in that first convertible. Whatever car you think of when you reminisce about your teen years, that first date, the first time you smelled that "new-car smell" or any of the hundred other things that come to mind as you wonder around a car show, memories warm the heart. In a way, it's like climbing into a time machine which magically transports us to an easier, more relaxed time.

If you hear about a show near you, go ahead... take a look. One thing is certain, you're going to meet some nice people who have spent a lot of time restoring their "dream vehicles." There's something about the people who participate in this hobby. They seem more happy than the average person. Maybe that's why a lot of them also spend time boating. Happiness and a relaxed, easy-going personality seem to be common traits among those who spend time on the water too.

Next year, the Sunday of the 4th of July weekend falls on the 5th. Mark your "to do" list and take a ride over to Granite City, Illinois for the "Patriots in the Park Car Show."