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Will Power

Motoring west toward sunset...
An object in the road Caught my eye and by and by
It wasn't a stone or toad
But a freshly tossed (someone had lost)
Glazed Donut lying there.
My sympathies heard the pleas
Of a much, much stronger soul
Who had sacrificed... Paid the price..
And tossed that pastry, whole
From his moving car, will power far
Beyond my understanding...
His diet intact... The strength I lacked
No matter what the landing.
Then I wondered.. Like storms that thundered
Which set my mind to buzzin'
Possibly he was as weak as me
And that was the last of the dozen.

Separate Vacations

We had a great vacation
Couldn't have asked for more
Except that we went to Las Vegas
And our luggage to Singapore.

One "Hall" Of A Traffic Jam

With three kids, two dogs and a mate
I think that I should install
A signal light to regulate
The traffic in the hall!