Rey Del Rio - King of the River
Photo and Article by Charles H. Keller
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Standing guard over the entrance to Polestar Marina is a sculpture by St. Louis artist, Tim Woodson. The "King of the River" appears to be swooping down to grab a fish in its outstretched talons. Silhouetted against a magnificent blue sky, our cover this month is a photograph of Tim's beautiful and inspiring work.

Tim enjoys spending time on his Chris Craft, Gypsy Rose, as he relaxes while awaiting inspiration for other works of art. He has raised four daughters working as an artist, songwriter, singer and sculptor. The youngest just turned eighteen and Tim is contemplating his future as many do when the kids are grown. After tragically losing his wife seven years ago, Tim focused all his attention on making certain the girls were well grounded and able to cope with the loss of their mother.

Creating custom, one-of-a-kind artwork for clients all around this area, Tim managed to keep busy and provide for his family while adjusting to his loss.

The Woodson family has been a fixture in the Dardenne Slough for many years. Tim loves to spend time on the water whenever he can. He has been commissioned to create steel lamps, tables, contemporary steel sculpture and other unique items which can be found on his client's boats and in their homes.

He also makes wonderful, free standing deep-carved glass structures, carved marble works and other original and unique items which are incredibly beautiful and decorative. Paintings in acrylic are also available from Tim. If you'd like to see illustrations of his previous work or talk to him about creating something special and personal for your collection, give him a call directly at (314)477-5658 or email him at to set up an appointment. Examples of Tim's work can be viewed at

His musical talents are displayed on his CD: "Captain Tim & The River Rat Kings." This collection is available for $10 directly from Tim by contacting him. Tim and the River Rat Kings perform a variety of music from Jimmy Buffett to original compositions. Every boat on the river should have a copy of this great CD.